What is hemp juice?

Hemp juice comes from the hemp plant when at the peak of its growing cycle. We use specialised low speed juicers to carefully extract the juice. This low speed juicing preserves the cellular structure of the plant, eliminates oxidation preserving the precious enzymes and nutrients. Our organic hemp juice is therefore a potent food that is used to deliver high-quality nutrition in a living form. The best hemp juice is organic field grown, flash frozen and comes from www.kamahemp.com an Irish based family farm. The juice is immediately frozen to maintain the living enzymes, organics, and nutrition without compromise. We also freeze dry some or our organic juice to make Kama Hemp’s new Kama Hemp Capsules this process, retains the aroma, flavour, colour, shape and nutritional content.

Benefits the following:

  • Releases Energy,
  • Reduction of tiredness and fatigue,
  • Normal sleep patterns,
  • Normal muscle function,
  • Normal Digestion,
  • Contributes to maintenance of bone, teeth, hair, nails, skin, and vision,
  • Function of the immune system,
  • Protects against oxidative stress,
  • Normal function of Nervous System,
  • Normal heart function.