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Hemp juice comes from the hemp plant when at the peak of its growing cycle. It is a potent food that is used to deliver high quality nutrition in a living form.

Your hemp juice source is critically important

The best hemp juice is field grown, flash frozen and comes from healing-with-hemp.com, a Irish based family farm. The juice is carefully produced and flash frozen to maintain the living enzymes, organics and nutrition without compromise. Some green powders and tablets are dried at temperatures above 400ÂșC and have only 2% of the bio-activity of the juice.


More Omega than Salmon
More Potassium than Banannas
More Magnessium then Spinach
More calcium than a glass of milk

Why Should I drink Hemp Juice?

Cannabidiol or CBD is native to the human body and is part of the endo-cannabinoid system. It is part of us. If we are not making enough of CBD we have a health problem. It is an integral part of the biochemistry of the immune system, the regulation of cells and cell wall metabolism, particularly the brain and nervous system in general.

The essential fatty acid Omega 3 is the building block for CBD and a diet deficient in Omega 3 can lead to deficiencies in your Cannabidiol levels and if this is the case you are likely to be suffering from any of a long list of health issues. The good news is that this is completely reversible. If you are suffering from a chronic condition the 1st step is to saturate your system with both Cannabidiol rich Hemp juice and ensure that your diet is rich in Omega 3.


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By law, only approved drugs may be used to address named diseases. Hemp juice is a food not a drug and has not been evaluated by the Health Products Regulatory Authority. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.