Is your Endo-Cannabinoid System out of balance


Jul 21

A layman’s guide

Most people don’t realise it but we do! All mammals create Cannabinoid substances within their bodies as part of their internal nervous messaging systems. The system is named the Endo-Cannabinoid System (ECS) as the animal biochemistry mirrors that found in the Cannabis plant family. Hence the name.

Most people cannot quite believe this information when they first receive it.  But like the lymphatic, endocrine or vascular system the Endocannabinoid system is a fundamental part of every vertebrate organism. It functions as part of a complex internal messaging and signaling system between the cells, organs, and nervous system. To be healthy it is essential that it is in balance as it is the system that creates balance or homeostasis throughout the whole. If it is out of balance there will be suffering from some kind of inflammatory disease condition or pain.



Pain is the body’s cry for help. The ECS is very closely connected with pain and abatement of pain. For example, when we pick up a hot cup the nerves in our fingers signals the organism, “hey! were getting burned here”. So we put down the cup. If there is no injury the endocan nabid system responds to the call of the nerves in the fingers and ends the pain by replying. So the call and response is continuously going on within our bodies and the ECS is the system which maintains homeostasis or balance within the body. Cannabinoids are continuously manufactured by the body and bind to specific receptors in the body; the CB1 and CB2 receptors.

How does the body manufacture Cannabinoids and what happens if it cannot? Most people will be aware of the need for essential fatty acids (EFA’s) in the diet. We need Omega 6 and more importantly Omega 3. EFA’s are the building blocks of the endo Cannabinoids. Omega 6 is relatively easy to find in a typical modern diet. We have to try a bit harder to find and ingest Omega 3. If we are short on the EFA’s then we cannot manufacture Cannabinoids. Our ECS becomes compromised as the body copes with the stresses of existence. Inevitably we feel pain as endoCannabinoids are not being produced. It just doesn’t have the basic building blocks. If you are suffering from chronic constant pain in all likelihood your ECS is exhausted and you have inflammation-related disease running rampant. Basically, many people are suffering from this type of modern malnutrition. So what to do?

Feeding and supporting the ECS

We need to support the ECS. Here is a list of steps to take to support your ECS:

  1. Make sure you are taking your Omega-3. The tradition of Cod Liver oil means a little more when we realize the importance of Omega-3 in supporting the ECS. Other sources are hemp seed oil, linseed oil, walnuts etc.
  2. Avoid process foods particularly wheat and sugar.
  3. De-stress through yoga, meditation, massage and exercise;any or all will help.
  4. You can also take a food that directly support the ECS.

CBD Hemp Juice is the richest and cheapest source of phytocannabinoids. Phyto or plant cannabinoids mimic and work with endogenous cannabinoids and are a powerful nutritional boost to the entire system. Dr. William Courtney describes hemp as an ‘essential dietary supplement’. Hemp juice is not psychoactive and yet hundreds of milligrams can be ingested daily providing direct and immediate support to bring the ECS back into balance allowing the ECS to reduce inflammation and pain naturally.

As the system becomes saturated and homeostasis returns the volume of juice from phyto cannabinoids can be gradually reduced to maintenance levels while keeping the body well fed good quality EFA’s, especially with Omega-3s is still a priority.

Without a doubt, knowledge of the ECS will become mainstream over the coming decades. It is interesting that the demonized Cannabis plant  is beginning to emerge as an extraordinary food plant. This is still much confusion and misinformation surrounding its use. Hemp juice offers a legal and safe supply that is in no way psychoactive and is a suitable nutritional source of  cannabinoids for most conditions. More importantly, it sells at quality food prices as opposed to the highly inflated pharmaceutical prices that many Cannabinoid products sell for online.


Awareness of the ECS is beginning to mainstream. The relatively simple step of boosting your Omega intake and procuring some hemp juice in your diet can be the answer to the body’s cry for real functional food and core nutrition.

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