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Mar 20

What’s the difference between Kama Hemp Juice and C-B-Defence Capsules?

Today I was asked ‘What’s the difference between Kama Hemp Juice and Kama C-B-Defence Capsules?’

Well the truth is very little. The capsules come from the juice after it is freeze dried at very low temperatures so that there is very little change nutritionally.

So why do we freeze dry?

Mainly for convenience. Having capsules makes taking the juice much easier in some instances where work leaves us short on time or when travelling with no access to a freezer. There is also a question of preference some people prefer to take the capsules rather than drink the juice. So for everyone interested in the convenience of the capsules rest assured that there is no nutritional difference from the juice.

Although for those who are long term drinkers of the juice the benefit is that it is much better value to buy the juice frozen.

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loman michael 3 weeks ago

How many capsules a day?

    Kate Mullaney a couple of weeks ago

    You can take up to 5 capsules per day.

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