Hemp Juice vs Wheatgrass


Aug 25

Ten years ago only a minority would have known of the therapeutic properties of wheat grass juice let alone been a grower and imbiber of this amazing drink. Now wheatgrass is commonly available in retail outlets both as a juice and as a freeze-dried powder. No longer is it the sole domain of the enthusiast sowing seed trays is a succession to provide a reliable source of this amazing drink. Now thankfully we can also pay someone else to do the work while we get on with our busy lives.

Notwithstanding the benefits of wheatgrass, there is a new kid on the block: Hemp Juice. Extracted from the hemp plant, hemp yields a juice of great potency than Wheatgrass. In addition to all the live enzymes, minerals and chlorophyll Hemp Juice have one distinct advantage over any other green juice; hemp contains CBD. Not everybody has heard of CBD and even more interesting is that most people don’t even know that they have an endocannabinoid system. Indeed the 1st time I heard someone say that we all have Cannabinoid receptors in our nervous systems I was convinced that this was a joke propagated by smoke-heads trying to justify the legalization of Cannabis but indeed we do have an endocannabinoid system and  which is part of the infrastructure of biochemistry associated with swelling and inflammation with CBD being the specific molecule associated with inflammation reduction. Pure and simple CBD is an anti-inflammatory. The body manufactures CBD utilizing Omega 3 as a raw material. When these two are running low there is trouble. If we are under stress and suffering from pain and the body cannot manufacture enough CBD due to malnutrition then more than likely we will be suffering from some chronic inflammation; by it arthritis, Crohn’s disease, muscle pain not to mention dreaded cancer.


Independent and peer reviewed research from universities in Madrid, Jerusalem, and Berkeley all confirm the compelling therapeutic properties of CBD and related Cannabinoids. Pharmaceutical companies are busy filing patents on medicines based these phytochemical

Medical prescriptions for Cannabis can now be obtained in 22 states in the USA. This is all big business AND big money. However, hemp is a kind of strange no-man’s-land. For a start, hemp is legal to grow under licence in most countries. Hemp is not  psychoactive; basically, the intoxicant has been bred out of the plant and this is why it can be grown legally. Other hemp products are already available such as hemp seed and hemp milk. But only the green juice contains the vital CBD. Even a casual search online reveals the high prices people are paying for CBD in capsules. However hemp juice is retailing at similar prices to wheat grass…basically food prices and is by far the best value for any CBD product. There are only two suppliers of hemp juice out there at the moment, a Dutch company and healing-with-hemp.com based in Ireland. Both suppliers grow under licence and follow basic food hygiene protocols Prices are fairly similar and in my experience, the Irish juice is more concentrated and slightly better value.


While wheatgrass may appear to be better value in the current market it simply does not pack the punch that CBD-rich Hemp juice can and if I suffered from an inflammation-related health issue I would defiantly opt for the hemp juice.

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Bev last year

Hello there,
I wonder if you’d be kind enough to respond to my three questions.

Do you have a CBD content level? Say amount of CBD per hundred millilitres of juice.

Does your product have a best before date?

Does your hemp juice have to be stored in the refrigerator?


    Kate Mullaney last year

    Hello Bev,
    Thanks for the questions and yes they are easily answered.
    There is 100mg of CBD per 100ml of Juice. There is also 600mg of CBDa in 100ml of juice(which is decarboxylated in the body.)
    We have a 2 year shelf life as long as the juice remains frozen so the juice must be stored in the freezer. All the juice in stock atm was harvested in August/September 2016

Finbar Magee last year

interested in your product for clients i see.
Could you tell me what building materials you make?

finbar magee

    Kate Mullaney last year

    We make a Hemp and lime wall mix and 2 different plasters scratch coat and skim a finer plaster.

Kate Mullaney 8 months ago

Thanks for reading.


Thank you for the great article

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