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New To Hemp Juice?

  • What is Hemp Juice

    What is hemp juice

    Hemp juice comes from the hemp plant when at the peak of its growing cycle. It is a potent food that is used to deliver high quality nutrition in a living form.


    By law, only approved drugs may be used to address named diseases. Hemp juice is a food not a drug and has not been evaluated by the Health Products Regulatory Authority. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

    Your hemp juice source is critically important

    The best hemp juice is field grown, flash frozen and comes from healing-with-hemp.com, a Irish based family farm. The juice is carefully produced and flash frozen to maintain the living enzymes, organics and nutrition without compromise. Some green powders and tablets are dried at temperatures above 400ºC and have only 2% of the bio-activity of the juice.
  • Using Hemp Juice

    Getting Started

    Clean sources of juice such as that available from healing-with-hemp.com are appropriate for all members of the family including young children, the elderly, pregnant women and nursing mothers.

    For your First use

    • Use only 1 cube to ensure that the juice agrees with your body.

    Subsequent use

    • Add 1 cube per use until you reach the desired amount. This is intended to reduce or eliminate detoxification symptoms. If detoxification symptoms appear, hold your use level until they clear.
  • Maximising Benefits

    Common Sense

    You need to be your own best observer. You can use any amount you wish and start/stop as desired. More juice always produces faster results is possible to use too little, so be generous to yourself. 150ml per day is considered the maximum needed for most individuals.

  • Optimising Performance of the Body

    Other activities that optimise performance of the body

    Achieving Ph balance is a fundamental function of the bodies endeavor to maintain health. Choose foods which assist in maintaining alkaline conditions. There are useful lists on the Alkalising/Acidifying Food Chart


    Detoxification is the process of reducing the “body burden” through the elimination of toxins that may have been accumulating for decades.
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Hemp Juice Recipes

Customer Reviews

  • Ellen Coyle
  • Judi Smith
  • David
  • Lisa Aird
  • Stephen from London
  • Emma Chadwick
  • Eoghain & Iona
  • Paula and Henry
  • Joe O Mahony

 I am 43 years old. I started taking hemp about 10 months ago.

I always take one glass in morning before breakfast,

with water and sometimes a spoon of honey. I think it tastes strong.



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I am 56 years old. 


I have been taking hemp juice from the 15th of April until the present.

I am taking 4 cubes a day, first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

I take it frozen. I have come to prefer it this way. It's like a wake up sorbet :-) I also like the taste of frozen hemp rather more than when it is defrosted.

I don't need so much sleep.

I think another three months would be a good time for further reassessment.

Best regards.



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I prefer to take the juice on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. I wouldn't miss a day.





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I am 52 and I started drinking hemp juice 8-9 months ago sporadically.

2 or 3 months ago I made the commitment to remember to drink it every day

I started with one cube, now I drink 3 cubes daily

I prefer to drink it with fresh squeezed orange juice

I don't like its taste at all, but I do like that it is bright green--lots of chlorophyll and pulpy.




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I am a busy family man living and working in London. I have been drinking Hemp Juice for over a year. I find the quality of Kama Hemp Juice excellent. It's dark green full of chlorophyll, thick and juicy. I don't have a specific illness, but suffer from various aches and pains associated with age and stress. I take 2 cubes every day. I drink it with my morning smoothie or occasionally I drink it neat.


Thanks! It's great stuff.



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I have been drinking hemp juice myself and of late I've been giving it to my VERY fussy boyfriend. I see on your website that you have made it cheaper so I will be ordering again soon when I run out.



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It has been in my mind to write of late to you about the difference we see in Iona's development. Thankfully to you both Kate and Marcus I have been able to introduce this juice into her diet on a regular basis.

This year she began to walk only by holding someones hand, and her cognitive & Motor skills are advancing very quickly. I believe she will be walking by herself very soon & she will begin to speak our tongue rather than her own tongue very soon also.

Iona started taking the Hemp juice last November 2014 about 1-2 cubes every weekend when she is in my care. She takes it mixed with apple juice & water as she has a sweet tooth, and the raw taste is sharp for kids, but us adults love it. 

Since the introduction of Kama Hemp Juice, Iona is really improving.

Thank you and I wish you all the best for the future, 


Eoghain & Iona

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We are over the moon. Henry looks healthier each day.

All the best,

Paula and Henry :-)





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I have been taking the hemp juice regularly.  I had a problem in my left hip since 2011.  I was told put up with the 
pain and discomfort as long as possible and then have a hip replacement.  I did not want this.
I had Magnetic Resonance Therapy  (MRT ) four years ago. This sorted the joint problem almost 100% but 
I had pain and ache in the left thigh muscle almost constantly, severe at times.  I tried various massage and lotion
treatments but the pain and ache continued.
Today I walked so quickly back home from our local village,  I said it is time to email Kate and Marcus.    
Now I am in great shape, such a joy to be walking again.  






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